Snap up a new pair of Crocs

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I can remember as clear as day, the moment my dad walked in from the garden having taken the bin out, and saying ‘these shoes are comfy’ I looked down and saw a cage of foam covering his toes and said ‘what on earth are they?!’ Well, first of all he was wearing a pair of white socks with them which is the cardinal sin itself, but they were like nothing that’s ever set foot in the house before. ‘They’re Crocs’ he said, and from there on we’ve had a rocky relationship – myself and the shoes, that is; until now.

Crocs have long been the marmite of the footwear industry; you either love them or hate them. However, in recent years they’ve been so much more than the original Crocs that everyone was wearing...

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Art meets fashion with Bucketfeet Footwear

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Hold the front page! It’s official; the best shoes in the world have been found and are currently sitting pretty on my feet. It’s not quite summer yet; in fact it’s far from it but, there’s no need to be stuck in a winter wonderland until the flowers start to bloom. This week I discovered some of the most fun, funky and comfortable shoes that I’m now proud to say I own – Bucketfeet.


The name isn’t all that attractive and conjures up images of great big rhino feet but thankfully the name doesn’t reflect the style. Bucketfeet footwear is stylish, artistic and fun, and my favourite style is the fantastic Pineappleade print slip on shoes...

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Jackets to Will on the Spring

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Its been reported that this January is the wettest we’ve seen in a long time, kind of depressing when the winter should mean gorgeous countryside and cityscapes white over with beautiful crunchy snow. But no, we’re covered with the wet stuff day in, day out. I don’t know about anyone else but I am willing on the spring with my very own rain, rain go away dance whilst searching endlessly for the perfect springtime jacket to fend off the cold as the sunshine slowly wakes up. True, I may be a bit premature in buying my spring wardrobe but hey, let’s be honest it’s always better to be prepared even if its wishful thinking.

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Having a look around I’ve noticed that there are plenty of thick and padded jackets out there but when it starts getting warmer the last thing you want is to ...

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Etnies Kingpin reigns on

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One thing I cant get enough of is a classic – especially if it’s a fashion classic like a vintage satchel from a charity shop that cost pennies or a nice pair of DM’s from an online auction that someone sold because they just didn’t suit them. But you don’t have to be thrifty to find a classic, some of the best products that have been forever popular are still being made today.

Etnies Kingpin

Etnies is one of the most respected brands on the skate scene and that’s massively in part to the technical features of their shoes that make them perfect for skating and everyday use. They’re comfortable and affordable but other than that, they look great too.

Other areas of fashion and style have adopted skate shoes under their wing so you’ll see traditional style skate shoes everywhere nowadays...

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