Ray Ban’s vs Vans

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Probably the most iconic sunglasses model in recent times is the Ray Ban Wayfarer, they have been chiselled into our fashion trends from beach to formal and is a 100% unisex style. This is why they have been ripped off by many a beach seller and competitor alike.

The Wayfarers actually originate in around 1956 where they revolutionised the sunglasses market but it’s in recent times we have seen them flourish once more with multiple styles, sizes and colours. What we are looking at today is how they compare against a much cheaper model from Vans called Spicoli which replicates the look and feel of the Ray Bans but for significantly less cost

The Feel!

When comparing most premium brands against bargain stuff the biggest difference in quality is often found just by holding the item...

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Pack it up with Eastpak Luggage

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Everyone is going on a summer holiday, or so it seems, and with the suncream, clothes and other essentials you buy before you jet off, it’s crazy to think that the most essential bit of travel kit is often left until last minute. Pulling out a suitcase from the loft only to realise the zip is broken can leave you in a massive pickle, and struggling to beg or borrow one from a friend or relative.

People do all sorts of mad things to their luggage in a bid to make it stand out when they’re travelling. Standing there like a lemon and waiting for your bag to roll around on the carousel can be a long, stressful and boring task if like everyone else, your bag is uninspiring and plain black or grey. But the one thing that a lot of people forget is that it doesn’t always have to be like that...

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Ladies Summer Accessories

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It’s that time of year where it seems as though everyone is going on holiday; your parents, your friends and even your neighbours are probably jetting off to beautiful sandy white beaches or on adventure-filled getaways. Feeling a bit jealous? Don’t be, because the weather’s looking great here in the UK and you can still enjoy soaking up the sun in the back garden or the beach while looking as good as your friends overseas minus the sweaty back from resting on a sun lounger.

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is shopping for all of the new things I want to take with me; things like sun cream, all of your toiletries and most importantly – the clothes...

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How about a wooden watch?

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A wooden watch is not something that i have thought about previously but when i spotted Jord and their array of wooden watches  I would my interest sparking and had to have a look through the selection on their website at woodwatches.com. They have a couple of different styles which you can check out on their site but what i loved was the fact that the different styles had colour variations based on the type of wood used to create the timepiece. Not only does this give the watch a really natural look but it also means that each one is unique and that is something that we all like!

I personally am a big fan of a large watch face and that was one of the things holding my decision back with the Jord range pushing towards unisex styles. I ended up going for the black faced watch from the Fiel...

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