Create the perfect pair of Chucks with Converse Custom Shop

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If you’ve ever owned a pair of Converse shoes then chances are they became a part of your everyday wear as they are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and comfortable range of trainers around, something highlighted in their global success over the last century.  Converse highlight the journey of each pair on Converse through social media today knowing that all pairs of Hi-Tops and OX’s have their own unique story picking up scuffs, scrapes and individual customisation along the way, well you can now have Converse exactly how you want them from the start with the Converse Custom Shop.

You can choose from every type of shoe Converse has designed, like the iconic Chucks in everything from Hi-Tops to Multi-Tongues, the sought after Converse Jack Purcell Shoes to the Converse All-Star Shoes so there’s plenty to pick from and that’s just the start.  You can pick from the much loved canvas material for your uppers, or if you fancy something different you can have Converse Leather Shoes instead, either way you have premium Converse construction.

Further options in the Converse Custom Shop give you just about every single colour you will have ever seen on a pair but it’s not restricted to just having a single colour as you can mix and match colours on both side panels, the tongue, laces and even the stitching and rubber sides and piping for true individuality.  If that’s not enough choice for you then a selection of graphic designs and prints are available too from skulls to Gingham or even a doodled notepad and you can even add your name or a favourite quote or phrase to the sides as well.  There are even designs of DC superheroes and villains and dedicated Batman: Arkham City prints to choose from, so no matter what your individual style and tastes you can have the perfect pair of Custom Converse Footwear just for you available from

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