Enjoy the perfect surf and beach wear with Roxy Clothing

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After the huge success of Quiksilver surf and beach apparel and accessories they decided to launch a swimwear brand specifically aimed at surfer girls called Roxy which quickly rose to success and became the premier beachwear brand loved by women across the globe and adored by female surfers.

Roxy succeeded by merging a casual beach and surf style with exceptional comfort and the highest quality fabrics and materials possible that speaks to women who love every aspect of the sea, sand and surf as well as action sports.  Today the Roxy swimwear range has expanded into a wide range of Roxy Clothing consisting of tops, beach shorts, jeans, and t-shirts all perfect for relaxing at the beach while you are waiting for the perfect rip, or add that extra layer to get cosy on chilly days with Roxy hoodies, scarves and beanies plus there are even Roxy dresses perfect for special occasions.  Roxy also produce a collection of Roxy Accessories like handbags, watches and even shoes so you can enjoy the sublime Roxy surf and beach fashion in every aspect of your day to day experiences and life.

Every season Roxy Clothing launch a new range that beautifully matches the current surf trends and styles with must have feminine prints and fresh colour schemes which make surfer girls come back every year, Roxy is even endorsed by an expert team of professional surfers like Megan Abubo, Veronica Key, Carissa Moore and Sofia Mulanovich who showcase and compete wearing the very latest Roxy Apparel.  So whether you are a surfing goddess, a skater, snowboard rider or just enjoy gorgeous casual, fashionable clothing to add to your wardrobe then Roxy – ‘Born in the water and ready for adventure’ is certainly the brand for you.

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